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try one of these free tools to help you get started in DIY SEO.

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free seo report card

upcity offers a fast, easy and free competitor analysis tool.

one you provide your contact information, the site will generate an seo report card that helps you understand where your web site ranks across the major engines, who is linking to you, a few technical details and even actionable tips on where you may consider adding more keywords to your content. here’s a sample of a free seo report card.

free seo website grader

hubspot offers a web marketing tool called seo website grader, which they build to help businesses understand simple ways to optimize their web site. this tool gives companies a high level overview of their inbound links, traffic and basic seo factors off the home page, such as idea title and meta description lengths. While not useful for a comprehensive analysis, it’s fast and fun to try out. They only ask for your email address. I received an email from them a few hours after I used the tool, but it appears that they do not perform e-mail validation in order to view your results. take the seo website grader for a test drive.

free seo audit tool

found offers a great technical audit of your home page. the company does not request contact details, which makes this a very fast and great way to do a quick check up on your site. this free online seo tool helps to identify common SEO errors such as canonicalization and meta data information. in addition, it’s fun to watch the tool work in real-time, analyzing step by step.
free audit tool.

google guidelines tool

varvy is a no-nonsense seo tool that quickly evaluates how well your website adheres to Google’s guidelines. its seo report is full of valuable information, and this is another tool that does not require contact information, so you can use it over and over again without worrying about multiple contact emails to follow. sure, you could do all of these things on your own, but why should you when this easy-to-use tool does it all for you. check out this Google guidelines checking tool.

web redesign consulting

san diego digital marketing consultant available to support your company’s custom needs


let Visiclick analyze your website to ensure that it adheres to our requirements. Use our contact form to provide us with your web site information and an SEO consultant will analyze your site to discuss with you. The analysis is a manual process that determines how well your site will respond to optimization and the level of effort required to get your listings ranked high.

free initial consult

an SEO consultant is here to get you started. after a free consultation to understand the obstacles you are facing in search engine rankings, we will outline a full strategy on if and how we can help you gain more visibility through digital marketing.

on-site availability

because of the nature of the business, we can work remotely and still accommodate your needs. if you prefer on-site assistance, we are available locally in san diego, los angeles, san francisco bay area, and new york city. we are also flexible in traveling to your work location.

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